Articles related to the Collaboratory’s work
Standing_Tall_Together Includes a list of ideas for local-global partnerships to consider.
The Case for Social Change Provides the basic argument behind the idea that long-term poverty alleviation must take the form of social change.

Organizational branding (see this post for more detail)

Leadership resources
Collaborative Social Change Checklist: A general checklist for bi-cultural organizations around which to organize planning and collaboration.
Shared Community Risks and Responsibilities: A matrix for bi-cultural organizations to use in discussing how risks and responsibilities break down between them.

Educational resources
Kid Activism: Organizing a Fundraising Campaign: A resource created in response to the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan.

Great resources from other organizations
Community Development Resource Organization offers fantastic resources for small NGOs.

Voice for SONG (Small Organizations Non-Government) has very insightful resources on the value of small organizations.