Collaboratory Network
Building Partnerships for Social Change


Collaboratory Network works across cultures to build capacities of grassroots leaders working to address our world’s most pressing challenges.  We are a network of small NGOs based in Washington committed to learning from each other and lifting up examples of locally-led community-driven social change initiatives.


Collaboratory Network’s activities are designed to accomplish these objectives:

  • Develop a common language around issues unique to international social change partnerships to share our vision and to engage in conversation about approaches to development that focus on building local capacity and global community.
  • Foster networking and idea sharing among grassroots NGO leaders.
  • Expand professional development and training opportunities relevant to leaders of grassroots social change projects.


Three guiding principles guide the local and international work of our network members:

  • Relationship-based.  Partnerships are based on strong relationships with people living and working in the communities of focus.  Concepts of equality are forefront in conversations about cross-border collaborations.
  • Local decision-making.  Areas of focus and programs emerge from the communities being served, as do the leaders who implement them.
  • Learning community.  All members of the community have opportunities to reflect and learn from what works and what does not.


  • Regular meetings with an agenda of topics related to our objectives.
  • Regular networking meetings with an open agenda.
  • Networking on-line and through resource sharing.


Long-term poverty alleviation requires social change.  Collaboratory Network expands the impact of locally-based NGOs to sustain their social change work over time.

Topics of interest

  • Defining theories of social change
  • Evaluating for impact
  • Methods for “training the trainers”
  • Engaging visitors
  • Managing social media
  • Dealing with failure
  • Working towards obsolescence
  • Professional development

About Collaboratory Network (one page pdf)

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